Specialized in buying and selling
high-income buy-to-let properties.

Why invest in “buy-to-let property”?

The financial market currently offers low risk investors a profit close to zero in the best of cases; this market situation has led to a high demand for so-called “buy-to-let” properties from both private and institutional investors.

At present, rental income property is undoubtedly an excellent form of investment to preserve capital and optimise the return, also with a view to diversifying one’s portfolio. Opportunities for a good investment are however quite rare and sporadic.

For this reason the expertise of a professional and diligent consultant is necessary to source viable investment property, carrying out a constant and assiduous search for the best opportunities available.

The return from an investment in “buy-to-let” property is made up of a combination of capital gain (i.e. the increase in value of the asset) and rental income.

Capital gain

to obtain this type of return in the long-term the following conditions are necessary: (i) “good” location, (ii) attractive property.

Rental income

this also requires the presence of two conditions: an excellent tenant and a good rental agreement.

Our expertise and consultancy service

We have many years of experience and great expertise in the property sector as well as in the financial market sector, thanks also to our long term collaboration with major banking and financial groups. This is the key to the many profitable relationships we have developed over time and to our success as company of reference in this sector.

We carefully assess, select and analyse the best opportunities in the market according to your specific needs and requirements, offering you high quality assistance for your investment / disinvestment project.

Our approach

The registered office and operational headquarters of Income Investments are in Verona. The company has a dynamic and flexible team made up of 5 top level professionals specialised in this sector.

Professional ethics are our core value!

We base our relationship with an investor on good faith and trust; transparency is our keyword.

The search for property is carried out through the direct presence of our team in the selected areas; opportunities also arise from the direct contact with major operators in the financial, technological, fashion, food and catering sectors.

We are in contact with the managers responsible for the development of the sales networks of the most important national and international brands and we have knowledge of their plans to develop and open new shops or branches; thanks to this privileged information we can successfully match supply and demand for commercial spaces.

Market analysis, initial selection of potential target properties, careful study of the market in which the tenant operates, analysis of the financial statements, analysis of indicators and corporate performance are the main steps of our activity: the so-called due diligence.